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Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo

Star constellations for a tattoo. This could be really cool, instead of getting kids names get their sign or if they share a name with a constellation/star. Sagittarius fits inside of Pisces.

My 6 Favorite Inexpensive Canon Lenses

The 8 Best Inexpensive Canon Lenses I have used a few of these and can't deny they are really great lenses!there's usually a really good reason the 'expensive' cameras cost so much more.

Butterfly Life Cycle Playset from natural materials by Muddy Feet $55 Pictured is the chrysalis, click to see the rest! Would make a great mobile.

Life Cycle of Butterflies toy. This looks like an easy felt cocoon to make for a butterfly unit. NOTE: Did not see this cocoon anywhere at link - lots of other butterfly stuff but not this felt cocoon or anything about it.