Waiahuakua Sea Cave, Hawaii

Waiahuakua Sea Cave, Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, USA (photo by Matt Parker)

Kelp forest

Kelp…my favorite underwater forest. I love the way the long lines of kelp sway with the ocean surge…hypnotic. Did you know Kelp is known to contain at least 60 different minerals and elements, as well.

Whale of a time

Spectacular Underwater Whale Shark Fashion Shoot - Marine life photographer Shawn Heinrichs collaborated with fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt on this completely awe-inspiring underwater project!

Diving in Tonga, South Pacific

From my second day in Tonga, where having had my first swim with some Humpback Whales we stopped off at Mariners Cave on the return. curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark.

This embodies the true spirit and essence of meditation. An inspirational photo of a girl underwater, almost dream-like surrounding with a halo of sunlight shining upon her with free-flowing hair.letting go of inhibitions, mediating for peace.

water sprite

Liquid Destiny by Thomas Egan, via Behance - yoga - water - asana - fish

water fairy

Title: Water fairy Photograph by: Vitaly S. Alexius (alexiuss)Notes from the Photographer: Highly experimental, fluid, high speed: of a second p