John Papagia

John Papagia

Athens, Greece  ·  There's no bio for a dead... Ιστορικός.
John Papagia
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Οικοδόμησα την ζωή μου  σε θεμέλιο σωστό.Πρακτικά όμως ακολούθησα τη μέση οδό.  Μη με πούνε κ κουτό   100EIS

Getaway In the woods What made 2 cups of coffee - one to you, one to God and hung out.and then the other cup was empty suddenly - and God literally had been drinking coffee with you? Will make 2 cups for my quiet time todaaaay.

Σκασιδιάρης ΕΠΕΝ Καταστολή στη φωτογράφο....

A riot policeman punches Greek photojournalist Tatiana Bolari during a demonstration in Athens' Syntagma (Constitution) Square.

Θ'ελω τη Δόση μου....The Walking Dead Bloody Zombie Action Figure 3-Pack

Photos of The Walking Dead Bloody Zombie Action Figure - Daily Dead

Γαμώ το IQ Μας....#money makes the world go round

Is sad to know that a piece of paper can own us. it is sad to know that there are people out there that will kill for this piece of paper. how did we got to this point where we chose this piece of money over family and friends.

Kafka, by Robert Crumb and David Zane Mairowitz

Kafka by R. Crumb, David Zane Mairowitz - This brief but inclusive biography of Franz Kafka and summary of many of his works, all illustrated by Crumb, helps us understand the essence of Kafka and provide insight beyond the cliche "Kafkaesque.