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an open book with pictures on it sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a pair of scissors
770 Fabric Journals Ideas 5EF
770 Fabric Journals Ideas 5EF
a piece of fabric with some flowers on it
Those tiny Books!
three heart shaped ornaments hanging from a hook on a door handle with beads and buttons attached to them
Happy Strings
three colorfully decorated vases sitting on top of a table
Fat Quarter Project Ideas - Jacquelynne Steves
an aerial view of a garden with lots of flowers and plants in the center,
A really impressive embroidered kitchen garden
a multicolored circular artwork hanging on the wall
Sculpture — Kevin Carman
a circular quilt hanging on the side of a wall
Woven Woods 2017-2023 - Source - Lorraine Roy: Textile Art
an art piece made out of yarn and beads
Creative Spirit Caoimhe Friel
an old piece of cloth with various pictures on it
more stitches than planned
a colorful piece of art hanging on the wall with tassels and beads attached to it
Christine Fayon – Imbroglio textile, collages multi matières, peinture
a pink flower with two bees sitting on it's center and the petals are all over
Busy Bee has a Big Dream
Sue Daurio's Quilting : Busy Bee has a Big Dream
a piece of cloth covered in lots of different types of sequins and beads
Make It Amazing
Painter and Textile designer, based in the south of England.