CHAKRAMAN - 1880 - Nepal - a confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism - the red and white spheres at the bottom of the piece represent Ida and Pingala, the dual red and white kundalini energies.

"The Guru who is capable of making each man's soul circulate within himself and illuminate him all over by his own power and knows the world by seeing within himself with complete equanimity, and seeing himself as The Creator is truly an Avadhuta".

Transcending is awesome. Yet it pales in comparison to the effects of allowing this greater consciousness too penetrate deep into the body, deep into matter. Expanding awareness is great! =)

Mother Earth Pacifies Shiva's Fiery Linga, Tantra Miniature Painting On Paper

ancient mandala

Six Mandalas, One in a Triangle and the R. One Larger, c. Ink and pigments on paper. Collection of Thomas Isenberg. X 17 inches. TC 383 No. 70 Rubin Museum of Art

Detail from Chakras of the Subtle Body, 1823. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper.

Chakras of the Subtle Body, Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, Attributed to Bulaki (Samvat Mehrangarh Museum Trust.

madhyamaka:  ཨ་ཡིག A

The symbol of Dzogchen (meaning: "highest perfection") on a Century Tibetan Buddhist initiation card

Shiva ANd Shakti

Tantra is an esoteric pagan tradition in Hinduism, which includes extensive use of the mantra or symbolic speech and mandala, symbolic diag.

Puṛuṣa: The Primordial being from whose dismembered body creation sprang.

A "purushkara yantra," a diagram based on a cosmic human figure,

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“The science of reality is to find the sound and to resound in that sound. Then the soul shall excel and God shall dwell within you.