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red ripe apples in a white bowl on a table with the words red ripe above them
Ephemeral – Books Around The Table
an old paper with a black and white oval design on the bottom, surrounded by writing
Tegning [Skisse]
a wooden frame with an image of a person laying on the ground next to a cross
Max Cleary
Max Cleary Heirloom i (how to move earth), 2023 Archival pigment print, ribbon lei, red oak, walnut, sewing needles 12 x 16 in. / 30.5 x 40.6 cm
an old book with designs on it
an old drawing of some people dancing in the middle of a circle with vines and flowers
an old black and white drawing of birds, horses, and other animals on paper
attributed to Jonas Bentzen | Blackwork Design with Fifteen Motifs | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a cat sitting on top of a vase filled with flowers and leaves, in black and white