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Autumn season... Harvest, Mabon, Thanksgiving.... (Samhain/Halloween has it's own board)
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three small white balls hanging from a wire with some brown and white wool on them
Make Wind Chimes (20 DIY tutorials) - Craftionary
Make Wind Chimes (20 DIY tutorials)
several small pumpkins sitting in bags on a table
Patina White
vintage newspaper trick or treat party favors
an outdoor area with apples and candles on the table, near a stone bench that has been built into the ground
Alter of the Ancestral Spirits of the land...Druid
an orange slice and some cinnamon sticks in a crock pot filled with meats
Witches Brew
Witches Brew-This will leave your whole house smelling like fall!
a wolf standing in the middle of a forest filled with trees and leaves, with a quote written on it
Give Thanks...
the table is set with silverware and place settings
natural centerpiece idea
a place setting with napkins, forks and wine glasses
Lovely and warm table setting for Autumn
pine cones are hanging on the wall next to a fireplace
pine cones on a string @Pascale Lemay Lemay Lemay Lemay De Groof
some blackberries hanging from a branch with green leaves
Brooklyn Farm
several red mushrooms with white dots on them are surrounded by autumn leaves and fallen leaves
a leaf with two people on it and one is holding the leaves in front of them
Beautiful leaf silhouette...simonfilip
Mabon altar Sacred, Ritual, Pagan Witch, Pagan
Mabon altar
a black and white drawing of a knot in a circle
References to the Welsh god Mabon ap Mydron (Mabon, Son of Modron, or ‘Great Son of the Great Mother’) date back well over a thousand years. Today the name Mabon conjures up images of ancient Celtic rituals, of the fruits of the harvest, of flickering flames beneath an autumn moon. So you may be surprised to learn that ‘Mabon’—in reference to the autumnal equinox—dates not to the Dark Ages, but to the Disco Age (a dark age in its own right), the 1970s.