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two vending machines sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with the words uds in front of them
Innovation in vending machines
2bU, an all-healthy food vending concept from Canteen Group, promotes premium and all-natural foods that include organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher options. This vending machine features an LCD screen where you can pull up nutritional information on each product. There are already more than 300 machines located in businesses, hospitals and universities nationwide.
clif bar crunchy peanut butter is shown in the image, and it's packaging
Merkabici BikeOcasión
MerKabici Barras energéticas Clif Bar, una opción que se distingue por su particular opción de sabores y el golpe de energía
an image of a purple star shaped object with the words grand modele on it
Bouillotte Magique électrique Grand Modèle, violette - Chaufferettes et Bouillottes
Bouillotte Magique électrique - Grand modèle - Violette
three pieces of cloth with writing on them
Lili Tire-Bouton
bouillotte sèche remplie riz, tissu exclusif Lili Tire-Bouton
a man sitting on the ground with his back to the camera and holding onto an inflatable mattress
The Back Stretching Pain Reliever - Hammacher Schlemmer
The Back Stretching Pain Reliever - Hammacher Schlemmer
These heated hand pockets. Carpal Tunnel, Massage Products, Vibrator, Camera Equipment, Reduce Pain, Hand Massage
These heated hand pockets.
a person sitting on a couch holding an object in their hand and touching it with the other hand
These Portable Health Gadgets Can Change Your Life
14 Portable Health Gadgets That Can Change Your Life