Jorgos Karayiannis

Jorgos Karayiannis

Jorgos Karayiannis
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20 DIY Adorable Ideas for Kids Room + paint a dog silhouette & hang vertical

This is a great idea for any sort of DIY artwork: trace a simple graphic onto three canvases, and paint. So much more esthetically pleasing than if you were to just trace and paint onto one canvas. Plus i love the whale idea for a little boy room :)

Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf What it is: A repurposed unused chair turned into a useful wall-mounted towel rack and shelf. How to make it: Remove the seat and legs of an old chair and mount it to the wall. Hang towels and other bathroom this idea

Green Wheel hydroponic garden produces groceries inside your home | Designbuzz

Green Hydroponic Wheel Concept by Libero Rutilo is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic program developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply regarding fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft.