My Life in 10 Years-25

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there are many boats in the water by the cityscape that is very tall
Frank Romeo - New York City Art for Sale
I hope to one day take a long vacation in New York. Since it is where I lived I kind of miss it and I don't get to go back often
three people in graduation gowns throwing their hats into the air while wearing mortar caps - 3D Happy group of graduates celebrating with arms up Ð isolated
By now, I will be graduated from college and done with schooling.
an electronic display with many different numbers on it's sides and arrows pointing in different directions
I plan to invest into the stock market. I don't know what company I want to invest into; whatever is big around that time I will invest in.
an old blue car parked on the side of the road in front of other cars
My hobby now in life, would be fixing up old cars for myself or even to sell.
two wedding rings sitting on top of a piece of paper with the word bride and groom written in cursive writing
Wedding Ideas I'm obessed with lately...
By now in my life, I hope to be married and living with my wife.
a loan application is shown on top of a red and white paper with the words approved
Is Finding a Business Loan a DIY Kind of Thing?
I will probably be in some type of debt this time in my life. I will be in debt because I will get a loan to start up a small business. I'm not positive what type of business I want to open but I think I want something that has to do with sports ( such as a baseball batting cage or golf course.)
a tall red brick building sitting on the side of a road next to trees and bushes
Massive Mural on Berlin Apartment Complex is World's Largest Mural
After college, I will probably move into another apartment somewhere in North Carolina while trying to get my career on track.