My Life in 5 Years- 20

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a bucket filled with red, white and blue baseballs
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During college, I will hopefully be playing some type of baseball. Whether that be recreation or even in some type of school club.
a blue nissan car parked in front of a building with red and white stripes on it
I will probably be driving a cheap car that I got during high school.
a pink piggy bank with money sticking out of it's side and the words emergency written on top
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There probably won't be much money in my bank account during college. I will be living off of my savings and a paycheck from my job
an empty parking lot in front of a fashion store
Through college, I will probably be working a minimum wage job in a store near college so I have money to help myself get through college.
a graduation cap on top of a diploma
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I think that I will be getting a degree in Business in hopes on one day opening my own business.
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a dresser and shelves on the wall
For this time in my life I will probably be living in an apartment or a dorm room near my college.
several college sports logos are shown in three different colors and font styles, including blue, red, white, and black
I will be getting my education in a North Carolina college. I would like to go to Duke university, but wherever I can get the best education I will go. I plan to stay in state.