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an art project with buttons on it and some writing in the background that is made to look like mountains
Friday Art Feature - I Am ...
Great, simple art project combining line & adjectives. Kids draw wavy lines, paint & then fill in with adjectives describing themselves. Great blog from a 5/6th teacher: rundesroom.com
an art project with watercolors on paper
Mrs. Baker's Art Room
an art piece with words written in different colors and sizes, including the word's name
This is different. From heidabjorg's photostream.
the letters are cut out of paper and placed on top of each other
Art with Cut-Out Lettering
Make wall art from funny pop song lyrics using cut-paper lettering
a child's drawing with words written all over it and an orange frame around it
Face with Positive Words
Think Create Art: Face with Positive Words
a hand writing on paper with the words,'free printable worksheet '
Copperplate Calligraphy For Beginners (+FREE Worksheets)
How To Get Started With Copperplate Calligraphy (2019) | Lettering Daily
four pieces of art that are on a blue tablecloth with black and white letters
Middle School Art Sub Plans | Name Designs
Abstract Art by Middle Schoolers - used as an art sub lesson...blog post about lesson created by Betsy Morningstar.
a drawing of a man wearing glasses with words written on it in different languages and colors
Calligram Self Portrait by Youssef in Year 8...
Calligram Self Portrait: Trace the outline of facial features and use adjectives that describe the feature to create the space.