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Well actually the Internet fall for two minutes. Still here

Wtf I was gonna caption this 'no' but then some weird technical shit started popping up and everyone in my house decided to have loud footsteps

Sorry guys

Had to This scared the sugar honey ice tea out of me!<<< I DON'T WANT TO DIE!

Smileys, I'm sorry and Scary on Pinterest

I'm not reposting because it tells me to repost, I'm simply posting because it's hilarious. I don't believe in chainmail, I think it's completely stupid and messes with people. And whoops, it took me more than ten seconds to write this comment.

Repin! | Funny | Pinterest | Frying Pans, It Is and I Love

I love that frying pan it is so pretty woah that frying pan looks even prettier now>>>dang, I wish I looked like that. That frying pan really has it going on!>>>That frying pan is so attractive it's shining

Hope it works I . H O P E . I T . W O R K S Hi

At least if this dosent work they believe that he or she is single and have hope in you. Now I'm gonna pin this to my are you kidding me board because this might not work out