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You are either on my side, by my side, or in my fucking way - Choose wisely ;)

this is how I'd choose wisely i mean fuck-wise. and it's this time of the hour you be goin hard on my thoughts like there's no fucking way other than this, eh? Maddening ways losing sane. YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A GOD DAMN moving heavens and for fuck's sa

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Ghost Hunting Theories: Proof Of Time Travel?

The enigmatic ring-watch found in a sealed tomb in China. Where did the ring come from? How did it get in the tomb?

Stone Age ‘Modern’ Hand Tools: Out-of-place Artifacts (OOPArt)

Out-of-place Artifact was found near London, Texas, embedded in Ordovician rock. The enclosing rock contains lower Cretaceous fossils. It's allegedly dated million years old.