All the love you have given will come back to you.

Love Will Happen

I can't wait to finally meet you. I'm ready, to give whoever you are my hardest. It's going to be so incredibly hard, probably hard enough to heal you.

I find you to be perfect baby. Knowing you are not perfect. You are perfect for me, the way you are. Your love overwhelms me in such a good way. My heart is overflowing with love for you, perfect or not.

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Not easy but worth it. Most things worth a damn are NOT easy! But loving you is! Putting up w/u - not always, but SO WORTH IT!

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"I need a break from my own thoughts" - this is how I feel - struggling to switch off the grey matter!

...more than I want you. ~Love Quote

Oh my precious sweet love! How I want you next to me now forever! I LOVE YOU! relationship quotes, relationship tips

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