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Family meeting agenda item...
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a quote that reads if we could be the best family that we could be, what kinds
Family Meetings: The Why and How of a Great Family Meeting
Family meeting agenda item...
Old school skills to add to your homeschool
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an older woman sitting on top of a bed next to two small children in a room
Listening, watching and waiting are aspects of teaching too. Slow down the rush to stimulate young children. They naturally seek out the stimulation they require.
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Comparing Montessori and Waldorf
Montessori and Waldorf are both humanistic educational methods that take a “whole child” approach. There are many similarities between these two methods, but also some key differences. #Montessori #Waldorf
a checklist with colored pencils on it and the words waldorf 4 montesso
Montessori vs. Waldorf - A Review Of Two Alternative Educational Philosophies - Frugal For Luxury
a person standing on top of a rock with a quote about children climb, or balance on objects if you can rest
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True John Holt, Love And Logic, Biblical Womanhood, Montessori Preschool