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My daddy is Drácula ❤

BATS: Known preditors of mosquitoes. Anything that is an enemy of them is a friend of mine. Besides you never know when it might be one of the family dropping in for.

O Monstro

Bust of Count Graf Orlock as portrayed by the actor Max Schreck in the 1922 film "Nosferatu". This face looks like the vampire of folklore just before the and the creation of Lord Ruthven by John Polidori in

Sweeney Todd - fantastic costumes and awesome hair!

Today's play list includes Johanna and Epiphany from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

Johnny Depp-Sweeny Tod

Johnny Depp as 'Sweeney Todd' in the movie "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barbor of Fleet Street", directed by Tim Burton