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two hanging chairs on a deck with plants and potted plants in the foreground
OMG too cute for under the porch!
an outdoor movie is set up in the grass with lights strung over it and pillows on the ground
Outdoor movie. So romantic for baby making.
an outdoor seating area with pillows, blankets and flowers on the ground in front of a brick wall
Outside meditation little oasis. “Meditation is the art of breaking habits, to purify the mind and to take care of day-to-day things.” -Yogi Bhajan Shop for original, yoga-related, artistic home decor. Perfect for your wellness or meditation room.
an old glass house is being displayed on the twitter account for someone to use it
English greenhouse.
a pink building with a table and chairs
My inner landscape
bonitavista: Marrakech, Morocco photo via aldo
an arched doorway with a light blue door surrounded by greenery and shrubbery in front of a pink building
15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Escape To Marrakech
Royal Mansour in Marrakech | Photo by Julie Holder
an old building with two blue doors and some trees in front of it on a sunny day
Seaofgirasoles: Inspiration: Morocco with Billabong and Brydie Mack
Sea of Girasoles: Inspiration: Morocco with Billabong and Brydie Mack
colorful pillows are placed on the back of a blue couch next to a potted plant
Photos of our stay at Riad El Fenn #Marrakech #Morocco
a fountain in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by trees and plants with an archway -  Resources and Information.
El Bahia Palace, Marrakech, Morocco, this is how I plan to tile the courtyard.
an image of the inside of a room with tile walls and flooring on it
Selman - Marrakech, Morocco
an image of a room that is in the middle of someone's phone photo
// Maison Palmeraie // Marrakech, Marocco.
an outdoor patio with tables and chairs under a tree in front of a red building
a tree in front of a blue tiled wall with an orange bench and potted plant
Places : Morocco & the Billabong 2014 Ad Campaign :: TIG | Digital Publication
Morocco colour palette - duck egg blue and burnt orange with hints of chalky jade and salmon.
an outdoor area with green and white tiles