Allah swt. Guides (Hidayah)

Hidayah is only from Allah Almighty alone
1,161 Pins
the moon is shining in the night sky over water with an arabic quote on it
a city skyline with the words, our lord cause not hearts to stay after thou has guided us
an advertisement with the words take guidance from the quran and sunnah only on it
Take Guidance From The Quran and Sunnah Only.
the quote for allah guides, one can missude and whoever he masquees,
Allah guides, none can misguide. And whoever He misguides, none can guide.
a car driving down a country road with an islamic quote on the front and back
an image with the words in english and arabic on it, under which is my lord he will guide me
an arabic text written in two different languages on a white paper with black writing and the words, and he found you lost and guided you
an image of a sailboat in the ocean with a bible verse written on it
an arabic quote on the top of a building with a light in it's center
an image of the earth and its moon in arabic
a man in a boat with the words, and he found you lost and guided you
a person standing on top of a cliff with the words indeed, with me is my lord he will guide me