Enough and Sufficient

Our Lord Allah swt
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an arabic quote with the words,'hasnahah wa nii naal wake
pink flowers with the words if you're going through something hard, center yourself with
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And what you hide in your chest is clear to Allah and Allah is enough for everyone.
an islamic quote with the words, is not allah suffiient for his servants?
Allah is Sufficient for us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
an islamic quote with mountains and trees in the background, on top of a lake
Allah is sufficient for me..
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Indeed, they have Allah ❤
an arabic quote with the words so what if people or the world doesn't support you or believe in you
Islamic reminder 🤎
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a woman reading a book with the caption,'allah is enough for everyone, in any situation '
an islamic quote with the sky in the background
Allah is sufficient for us