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June Jeongguk

June Jeongguk
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XiuMin, Chen, Kai, DO, Chanyeol, Baekhyun!

From the top left: double "troll-ble", top right: cool dudes, and beagle lines sitting on the floor. Love this pict :-*

Exo showtime..Luhan - Lu oppa so cute. Even when you're trying to be manly... Trying.

/having a hard time trying to fall a sleep after seeing this shitass trying too hard to be manri.

Chicken, not his style. Bbq intestines, not his style. lol suho finally snaps!! EXO Showtime Ep.8

I bet his style is to say that it's not his style ending up with the fact that it actually is his style . Then go watch exo showtime ! I Kris Suho Tao

EXO Tao Sehun - EXO's Showtime ep 10 hahahahahahah loved this episode I couldn't stop laughing

Evil evil maknae XD poor Tao, he was like sobbing the whole time and Sehun is just laughing his ass off in the background