Talavera Special Tile Stickers - Tradicional Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash or Bathroom - Pack of 48 - SKU: TalaveraSpecialTiles

Talavera Tile Stickers - Kitchen Backsplash Tiles - Kitchen splashback - Tradicional Tiles - Tile Decals - 48 - SKU:TalSp

Apply this Talavera Special Stickers in any flat surface. If you are looking for a piece of art, Talavera Special Stickers is the perfect choice.

Dark Textures

100+ Inspiring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

I love the brick floor in the kitchen of this New York Historic Farmhouse - Donna and Paul Frank Farmhouse Tour - Country Living

Oversize Art

55 Little Kitchens That Will Change Everything You Know About Small Spaces

Aerin Lauder’s kitchen in East Hampton. Love how the white cabinets, standing white island/table, and white Elkins chairs (I’m having a huge Elkins chair kind of week, just roll with it) contrast.

Colorful Farmhouse Style

150+ Beautiful Designer Kitchens for Every Style

"It's a classic farmhouse kitchen, but the colors are idiosyncratic, personal, and much more vibrant than the standard white or gray," designer Kari McCabe says of a house in New England. A American table is surrounded by Crate