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Whip up this delicious creamy avocado sauce in 5 minutes, so simple but tastes so good! Dairy free, vegan & paleo.

Ultra Creamy Dairy Free Avocado Sauce, so quick and easy make in 5 min. Vegan & Dairy Free Love this but I add half the evoo to start and half mid way through the whipping. I find it keeps it lighter and stays fluffy longer.


In feng shui, kitchen represents the heart of home. Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy. Also the water element ( sink) should not be placed besides or opposite to opposing fire element (stove). Feng shui kitchen layout for harmonious relationships

Low Carb Supreme Pizza Casserole. Crazy high in fat but who cares I'm preggo dang it!

Low Carb Supreme Pizza Casserole~ use less peppers and onion for lower carb(maybe add some onion powder).add some fennel seeds and pre-cook your pepperoni a bit on paper towel lined plate in the microwave to get rid of some of the grease