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an old book page with some type of scissors on it's side and the title in red
Believe Not-Found Poetry by danidrastic on DeviantArt
Believe Not-Found Poetry by ~danidrastic on deviantART
an open book with drawings of people in different hats and masks on it's cover
"Selfie with tongue & pipe" One of my pieces for the upcoming group exhibition "Lost Faces" at @thetracegallery in Zurich #thetracegallery #lostfaces #illustration
a black and white drawing of a ball with swirls on the side, in front of a white background
Escher, MC - Drawing Prompt
four different angles of light coming from the ceiling in black and white, with multiple lights shining down on them
Mall - Spot Pop Fashion
These four pictures shows different kinds of shapes that are used to create a pattern of shapes .
black and white photograph of power lines with sky in the background, taken from below
Electricity pylon
DC- Direct Current; electricity that goes in one direction is usually required by electronic devices
two people are standing next to each other with their faces made out of different objects
Lost fragments- Failed memories
David Szauder ~ Leona and Francesca "these sisters shared everything for years: room, cloth, toys and photos. After 10 years of sharing everything they didn't want to share the same memory." | Lost fragments | Failed memories via Behance