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some food is sitting on a white plate
Λουκουμάδες με μέλι και κανέλα - iCookGreek
Λουκουμάδες με μέλι και κανέλα - iCookGreek
the recipe for khachapuri is shown in three different pictures, including eggs and bread
Khachapuri - Georgian Cheese Bread
Warm yeast bread stuffed with 3 cheeses and a runny egg plopped in the center of all that cheesy goodness. | Simply Home Cooked
there are four pieces of food on the plate and one is cut in half to look like pancakes
Βασική συνταγή για κρέπες | Συνταγές -
Μια πανεύκολη συνταγή με ΣΙΓΟΥΡΗ επιτυχία. με υλικά που όλοι έχουμε στη κουζίνα μας. Οι κρέπες, από το γαλλικό crêpe, είναι λεπτές και στρογγυλές τηγανίτες
the process of making sandwiches with tomatoes and ham
Mujer Archives
Delicioso pastel de jamón cocido rápido y con pocos ingredientes. Vamos a necesitar: Pan de molde 5 huevos 3 tomates 600 gr. jamón cocido o paleta cocida 150 gr. mantequilla 200 ml. leche queso para gratinar sal y pimienta. Pre-calentamos el horno a 180º. Retiramos la corteza del pan de molde y aplicamos una fina ... ver más >>>:
a person is cutting carrots with a knife and some tongs on the stove
Spiral Cut Hot Dog...I'm not a "dog" eater..but every now & then a Brock, Kosher Dog or Hot Link is tempting..I like the concept...Oolala!
two pictures with spaghetti and hotdogs in them on the same plate, one is being cooked
"Spaghetti hotdogs. Directions: Get water to a boil, add 1 tsp olive oil to water. Stir. Slice hot dogs into thirds and grab about 10 uncooked spaghetti noodles and slowly slide one slice of the hotdog onto the noodles. Add to water. Boil until noodles are fully cooked. Serve."
french toast on a white plate with powdered sugar
French Toast
Classic French Toast recipe with a secret ingredient that makes them perfectly fluffy! One of our family's favorite breakfasts! Recipe on
a stack of pancakes sitting on top of a white plate next to a knife and fork
Golden, Extra Fluffy Pancakes Recipe -
15 Top Pancake & Waffle Recipes