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Top 10 Greek Islands you should visit in Greece - Samos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea. The Dream Vacation.

Colorful streets in Samos, Greece

Colorful streets in Samos, Greece. I am coming back to thee. and I'm bringing a friend.

Kouros of Samos is a nearly 5.5 meters tall  ancient Greek sculpture created in the 6th century BCE by a Samian artist | Samos Archaeological Museum

"The Kouros of Samos" marble statue - The Kouros stands nearly meters tall, from ancient Greek area, circa c. BCE, by a Samian artist, excavatied on the Sacred Way in the Heraion in Samos Island - at the Samos Archaeological Museum

Psili Ammos beach in Samos island, Greece

Psili Ammos beach, right next to Kambos village, Samos island, Greece.

Karlovasi, Samos, Greece

Karlovasi, Samos, Greece Grandaddy (Konstantinos Stamatiou Souris Born in Kontakeika said that he would walk to this town for his schooling.

Waterfalls Potami, Samos, Greece Copyright: Costantino Topas

Loved jumping these waterfalls ❤️ Waterfalls Potami, Samos, Greece Copyright: Costantino Topas

Psili Ammos beach in Samos

psili ammos beach in Marathocampos, Samos Island, North Aegean_ Greece