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Kakia Anastasiadou
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seth meyers and bill hader

Seth Meyers, Bill Hader of SNL.We'll all miss you Bill Hader, you were one of the funniest, please come back!

Gilda Radner

A documentary is in the works on legendary comedian Gilda Radner, the first female cast member of Saturday Night Live and an inspiration to many.

"Saturday Night Live" has been without a doubt on television for 38 years, having a part in a whole culture and stunning or surprising its audiences w

Saturday Night Live Timeline, History, and Trivia. SNL Cast, Crew, and Guests over the years.

john belushi snl - Google Search

The original cast of Saturday Night Live as "The Killer Bees." John Belushi, Chevy Chase & Gilda Radner Who can forget it?