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three different views of the ocean and land
Lexus Hoverboard
The Lexus Hoverboard, they may have had metal under Hill Valley... They just never told you. Back to the Future!!!
the back of a woman's neck with an electronic device attached to her arm
iTENS Offers Pain Management via Wearable Technology - Yanko Design
ITENS OFFERS PAIN MANAGEMENT VIA WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY- Simply use the coupon code: Yanko15 – and receive 15% off. By Yanko Design
an advertisement for the new apple product is shown in three different pictures, including hands and fingers
Color Picker Pen
It's a high tech pen. Scan the color you want to use then the pen will draw with that color! [ ] #new #avionics #technology
four different views of the same table top
Suntree Solar Charger: Inspired by Nature - GetdatGadget
The Solar Suntree Charger is a solar powered charger for your mobile phone. It is powered by 9 solar panel leaves and has a trunk made from bamboo.
a person using a mouse and keyboard on a wooden table with various electronic gadgets
This Virtual Keyboard
This Virtual Keyboard | 18 Gadget Gift Ideas From The Depths Of The Internet