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Passionflower “Lady Margaret” (Passiflora coccinea x incarnata)

Passionflower “Lady Margaret” (Passiflora coccinea x incarnata) - according to the texts, this variety is not a larval host plant for gulf frittilary butterflies, but in my garden, they denude it every fall.

A fascinating flower, it looks fake.  They come in many colors.  They are a climbing plant and can tolerate direct sun.

Whilst looking almost transcendental, Passionflower actually grows in Indonesia and New Guinea. This beautiful flower makes for a wonderful botanical additive, said to sooth anxiety and insomnia.

Branding: Fleur de Lune Herbalist Shop by Carla Sartori

I love this branding for Fleur de Lune, a herbalist shop, by Italian designer Carla Sartori. Take a look at more of Carla's work over here.