This collage points out that smoking kills. It stood out to me because of the explosives set off in the background due to the cigarette.


An entry from dancininwonderland

Tyler Spangler (California, USA) / Graphic / Design / Pattern / Composition / Minimalist / Black / White / Editorial / Fashion / Lines / Line Art / Movement / Contrast


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Psychedelic Drawing illustration black and white sketch

Alice in Wonderland / karen cox. Wonderful work from Joel Robinson aka Boy_Wonder! Who would've love a magical, mystical cup of tea!

pattern on pattern

pattern explosion!

Heath Ledger By Annie Leibovitz

Heath Ledger photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, March 2006

Yin Yang of World Hunger – Digital Painting by Deevad

Yin Yang of World Hunger - Digital Painting by Deevad

Ying & Yang of World Hunger by David Revoy "Enough food is produced in the world today to feed everyone, but it’s not the case… That’s the best way to see the total failure of our actual human societies. This is what I tried to represent in this picture.

per temeritas

Contrast: this still life photo shows contrast between the very different colors of the bright red and the pastel green,blue and the white of the apple.

Untitled Oil on Canvas 225 2013 by KwangHo Shin

Nothing found for 2013 11 20 Untitled Oil Canvas 225 2013 Kwangho Shin Http: Www Cruzine Com 2013 10 21 Exceptional Digital Art Leonid Kozienko