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Maria Kalofouti

Maria Kalofouti
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Mana Morimoto embroidered photographs series  #craftparty @Etsy

thededucer: “exhibition-ism: “ Tokyo based textile artist Mana Morimoto creates these charming embroidered photographs ” this work is incredible!

Jean Luc Cornec's telephone sheep. Frankfurt Museum of Communications.

When I'm calling. Telephone Sheep by artist Jean Luc featured in a Frankfurt museum. A flock of sheep made from old rotary phones. The "wool" is made of phone cords. Fabulously creative and if you blur your eyes, they really DO look like sheep!

Ocean-Inspired Ceramic Sculptures Resemble Cresting Waves

Denise Romecki finds inspiration for her sculptures in cresting waves. Romecki creates her original pieces using stoneware clay. Requiring at least two kiln firings her ceramic sculptures resemble beautifully rising white-capped waves that have been stunn