Konstandinos Kampadais

Konstandinos Kampadais

Konstandinos Kampadais
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Jim having a good giggle wearing Sherlock's coat, Mycroft thinking of his brother's face.

I want suits like Andrew Scott's/Moriarty's and to be able to look as good as him in it. (I don't care that I'm a girl, I love suits and I want to wear 'em)

TODAY<- My favorites teachers birthday is on this day and I just cried

QOTD: why am I pinning this?

QOTD: why am I pinning this?<<<----AOTD: i'm pinning this <<<<<<bc its ray toro?

I hope he knows. I don't want to live on a planet in a universe where he isn't aware of this

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does <-- this probably was the most beautiful episode of Doctor Who ever. This scene is so powerful. I really wish Van Gogh would have known.