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Make a plant by a flower; AMAZING rose growing tricks {DIY}
a multicolored tree is in the yard
Deutsch: eingestrickter Baum in der Nähe von Od in Schwede 18 September 2011 An-d
colorful rocks lined up on the ground in a garden
There's Only One You: Tips to Create a Rock Garden Project
Back in May, one of my co-workers shared a school-wide project idea that went viral on social media from . The project w...
there are many pictures of plants in the pot
How To Grow Your Own Ginger At Home...
the cover of 11 beautiful lawn edging ideas, with pictures of various plants and rocks
11 Beautiful Lawn Edging Ideas - gardenlovin
A nice clean garden edge gives your landscape definition and texture. Of course, we’d all love a professionally designed garden area, but the cost of materials alone can be astronomical. These lawn edging ideas are innovative and beautiful to give you the function and aesthetics without the high costs. You can
several pictures with different types of concretes and flowers in them that are being used as planters
Déco de jardin DIY en béton – 33 belles idées
pot à fleurs design mains pour les graminées d'ornement dans le jardin
people are sitting on the subway with their feet in the water
これは良いセンス!!韓国の地下鉄に現れた砂浜と打ち寄せる波の電車広告がカッコイイ!! | コモンポストムービー
Street metro train...
two benches with colorful scarves on them sitting next to each other in the rain
It's called 'yarn bombing' it's like graffiti for the city but with a softer touch! i WISH it were everywhere;) (Article written by by Kristen Pinkham on Loud and Clear)
a mason jar filled with dirt sitting on top of a tree branch
DIY bird feeders – 3 easy and original ideas to make
DIY glass jar bird feeder. Supplies: a glass jar, a wooden spoon, a ribbon, bird seeds, clear tape How to make it: Attach the wooden spoon to the glass jar using tape. The handle will serve as perch stand for the birds. Wrap gingham ribbon around the glass jar and tie a knot. Fill the glass jar with bird seeds. The trick: Birds need food like seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits, cereals alone or mixed with lard or unflavored gelatin.
two birds sitting on top of a bird feeder filled with peanuts and nuts in front of trees
Qrna Chata
hot glue halved walnuts to a post and watch and see who eats them More