Black and White Detailed Map

This is one of our favourite map murals, the black and white colour scheme would work well in most homes.

Classic World Map Mural

The appeal of wall decor wallpaper can be easily felt as soon as one stares at them. If your walls look boring, then you can use wall decor wallpaper to turn the walls into something grand spectacles to look at.

Pastel colours world map

Huge World Map (and Purple Table) in the Dining Room / Kitchen. Love how they made the dining table tie in with the purple in the map. Like this but maybe a vintage green or blue color?

Classic World Map Mural

Executive Map of the World - Paper (Extra Large) on Etsy, CHF I love traveling & have already visited lots of cities. I play dart with this and just go there


Bathyorographical Vintage Map Mural |

With faded caramel hues and richly coloured turquoise oceans. This map mural will make a stunning feature wall.

Magnetic Curves Map Wall Mural

Magnetic Curves Map Wallpaper Wall Mural |

Magnetic Curves Map Wall Mural, custom made to suit your wall size by the UK’s for wall murals.