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Laser cut wood coasters. Branch with bird and squirrel.. $20.00, via Etsy.
WT2637-Laser cut Rectangle Plaque-Double Scroll Unfinished Laser Cut wood shape.
These are amazing! This shop has many different cities available, and they are all beautiful. {35" x 45" Wooden Wall Map}
Les éléments ce superposent et s'assemblent grâce à des encoches correspondant à l'accumulation des formes.
Love the wood cutout picture. Something like this would be lasercut, but I'm sure I could do a more simple version
Woodcut Game Sets  The Sustainable Chess Set is Made from Only One Sheet of Plywood
LAURA ARAGON (El Paso, TX), Clarion, Laser cut acrylic, monofilament, Gift of Laura Aragon, edu04Photo by: Laura Aragon
Gem Powa bangle - frosted purple sandwiched between baby pink laser cut acrylic. Also available in black and gold glitter.
animalstudio.com - Very cool jewelry laser cut featuring city street maps.