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a list of different types of musical instruments
Laura Harris. YA Fantasy author.
100 Jobs for Fantasy Characters
the words learn calligraphy are displayed on top of a desk with other writing supplies
mindfulpixels | Instagram | Linktree
Learn Calligraphy One Stroke at a Time by Mindful Pixels
an iphone screen showing the font and numbers for different types of lettering, including sprinkles
Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners | Mary Kate McDevitt | Skillshare
The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch - Skillshare
an image of a poster with the names of different types of items in each language
Persuasive Writing - Emotional vs Intellectual Words
- Emotional vs Intellectual Words -
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a notepad and pen
When you hit a dry period in your writing, it helps to write through it. But what will you write? This list of writing prompts for every day of the year will to ensure you never run out of writing topics.
an image of the earth from space with words on it that say, set up your novels
Find Your Novel Opening: Quickly, Efficiently--and with MORE Creativity | DARCY PATTISON
Find Your Novel's Opening: Quickly, Efficiently and with MORE Creativity. Creative writing tips, prompt and exercise to help you find the best way to start your novel. Works for any genre: fantasy, sff, science fiction , mystery, action, adventure, horror, etc. Solid example for you to follow and learn from. http://www.darcypattison.com/first-drafts/find-novel-opening/
a man wearing sunglasses with the words learn how to write a likeable protagonist at the start of his character arc
4 Ways to Write a Likable Protagonist at the Start of the Character Arc
Learn How to Write a Likable Protagonist at the Start of His Character Arc
a hand holding a pen and writing on paper with the words tips for beginning writer
8 Tips For Beginning Writers - allume
8 Tips for Beginning Writers.
a blue sign that says 105 ways to make a living writing
Make a Living Writing: 105 Ways to Make a Living as a Writer
Consider these 105 ways to make a living writing if you want to earn a full-time writing income as a freelance writer, indie author, or blogger.
a hand holding a pencil writing on top of an open book with words above it
Maybe ESPECIALLY the best writers. Because only the best writers know right off that something won't work and WHY it won't work while us amateurs are just like, "Hey! It sounds good! Let's leave it in!"
some type of calligraphy that is written in black ink on white paper with the words love
How to 'fake' calligraphy when you don't have the right pen for it :P
an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a collared shirt with her eyes wide open
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
The Innsmouth Look People with the "Innsmouth Look" look vaguely fish and/or frog like through the face, especially through the eyes. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's works, particularly "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
the letters and numbers are drawn in different ways, including one that appears to be handwritten
goodtypography: Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands (Free Download) (SUCH DESIGN)
goodtypography: Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands (Free Download)
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper with the word janen written in cursive writing
Lettering selfie by Janna Barrett ... cute style ..