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three crab figurines with stars on their heads are in the water and surrounded by bubbles
Siri em Biscuit
Aplique para personalizados fundo do mar.
three little blue octopus figurines with flowers in their hair
Água-viva em Biscuit
a cake decorated to look like a giraffe with flowers on it's head
there is a cake decorated with sea animals
a purple cake with flowers and a pink flamingo on top
there is a cake shaped like a turtle on top of sand with shells around it
a pink cake with zebras and giraffes on it's side
Pastel safari chic
a birthday cake with a doll on top and flowers around the edges, in pastel colors
a pink cake decorated with flowers and a bunny on top
ana_s_cake_studio (Instagram)
a white cake with pink icing and an unicorn figure on top is sitting on a table