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Have a look at the interior of the aer blowdry bar. The entire salon is furnished in a modern way and we provide we care for our customer satisfaction!

love the general feel, colours AND THE PLANTS ARE HOT! But hate the clutter on the bench & the light wood bench would need to be treated for colour staining.

Stauraum Aufhängung für z.B. Schlafzimmer/Eingangsbereich/Küche/Büro (Woodworking Furniture)

Good/easy idea if we made our own tshirt display like the one we talked about "Alpstories concept includes a robot that makes customized beauty products - Retailand Retail Design"

With a color palette of cream, blush and gold, this nail salon from M.A. Allen is both soothing and glamorous. Where upholstered armchairs provide comfortable seating for mani pedis, contemporary tables and an exposed ceiling create visual interest.

The PaintBar Nail Bar is probably the most stylish place where you can get your nails done in Raleigh. The nail salon is subtly elegant and stylish, thanks to MA.