rats r kinda cool

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a painting of a rat with a green hat on it's head and tail
Orleans, MA
a white rat is curled up and sleeping
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four white mice are sitting on towels in the grass, and one is looking up
hoşuma giden fotoğrafları falan paylaşıyorum. #rastgele # Rastgele # amreading # books # wattpad
a small white rat sitting on top of a table next to some brown and orange leaves
a rat holding a teddy bear in its paws
Cute Rat
Bedtime Rat
a rat is eating a piece of cucumber
Look out, it's the cutest ratty in the world!
a person holding a small rodent wearing a tiara
a small white rat is sitting on the carpet
a small rodent in a sink filled with water
a rat sitting on top of a bed next to a plate with food on it
two white mice are curled up in a blanket
Rat Wonderland
three rat mice are sleeping on a blanket with a teddy bear in the middle one is brown and white
two toy mice playing with each other on the ground in front of flowers and grass