but an absolute waste of time when you're an adult! [Wo]man-up and take responsibility for your feelings! Life is much shorter than you think.

I think there's a part of me that always will. Life isn't the same without you!

25 Missing You Quotes

I even miss you when you give me a hard time. I miss you calling my teeth nubs, because you're right. I miss everything we once had. I miss worship together. I miss bible study together. I miss your family. I miss us.

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You where starting to get me back well guess what you just lost me again. stop going back to someone who will hurt you when you know you have someone who won't.

35 HeartBreak Quotes #Heartbreak #Quotes

35 HeartBreak Quotes

I left you. You didn't walk away or make a choice to leave. You lost me.but I'm your quote show you think other wise. I wonder if you even know what the truth is. I'm the one who taught you how to tell the truth in the first place.

Και θα σε κομματιάζει ξανά και ξανά...

Και θα σε κομματιάζει ξανά και ξανά...