Turn your husbands signature into a bracelet - I was thinking mom or dad or grandparents. I want my husband's and my Daddy's signature! I'm such a Daddy's girl!

Druzy Necklaces with Chrysoprase Stone Accents by joydravecky, love this gemstone, my stepfather gave me my first & its been my favorite stone ever since.

Yellow Gold Vermeil Beaded and Diamonds in the Rough Bracelet, Beadwork April Birthstone Gemstones Jewelry

Handmade in New York City, the freeform shape of this quartz ring adds to its quirky charm. Shop Peter Hofmeister jewelry on DARA artisans, a unique marketplace for handmade crafts.

Janis Kerman Design: peridot, tournaline, black diamond, chrysoprase, and 18 karat yellow gold earrings.

Ear Piercings, Argent, Hoop Earrings, Afro, Jewelry Accessories, Bling Bling, Jewerly, Pretty People, Jewelery

Torn Paper Band with Pavé Diamond Stripe- 15mm

For a bolder look with a touch of glam. This ultra-wide band sheds an unexpected flash of light with a row of pavé set diamonds.

Dipped Mercury Hoops