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Katerina Charalampidou

Katerina Charalampidou
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You could also use this for compound words!

Rhyming Activity { Learning After School} (also use for compound words, could make it self checking). maybe as fine motor and comprehension task for poststroke

Silent E is a Ninja! Your kids will love the different spin to teaching CVCe (long vowel) words.Included in this pack are  a_e, o_e, u_e, and i_e spelling pattern activities.It includes:  -   I-Spy "Silent E" mat (students use a magnifying glass to search for words)- Read , Highlight, and Record Word Work page- Read and Illustrate Sentences Word Work pageTo purchase the whole bundle click here:  Silent E is a Ninja Bundle

Silent E is a Ninja FREEBIE! (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e spelling pattern) Kids will LOVE to hear how silent e is seen but not heard because it is a NINJA!

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte...

soft and hard g The soft and hard "g" sound can be confusing for students when writing. Often they mix up the soft "g" with the letter "j". This product focuses on distinguishing between the soft and hard g sound.