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Adorably Witty Illustrations Of Everyday Objects

Adorably witty illustrations of everyday objects - FunSubstance

How to amp up your story and hit your reader in the gut.

Not a bad list. I personally would disregard the last one. If your character is feeling hopeless, your reader should feel the same. 10 ways to punch your reader in the gut

Funny Collages by Barry KiteBarry Kite is an American artist who diverts the famous masterpieces of classical painting to create funny compositions featuring the Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh or the Girl with a pearl. Between visual sampling, repositioning and parody, the collages of Barry Kite create an unlikely encounter between art history and Internet memes, exploring the modern and unbridled exploitation of images in our contemporary societies. Barry Kite‘s creations are available on the…

Artist Creates Bizarre Collages With ‘Mona Lisa’ And Famous Classical Paintings American artist Barry Kite creates twisted collages using classical paintings like the Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait and the Girl with a Pearl Earring.