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GREECE: Laskarina Bouboulina on 1000 Drachmai 1970 Banknote from Greece. Greek naval commander, heroine of the Greek War of Independence in Women we admire; influential women in history dolls Greek History, Women In History, Greek Independence, Empire Ottoman, Greece Pictures, Madonna, Greek Culture, Greek Art, People Of The World

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fymeninolduniforms: Unidentified Greek soldier holding his daughter during WWII. X X X X X , So happy for them! :-))))) Just lovely and it gives hope Greek Soldier, Greece Photography, Greek Warrior, Countdown, Greek History, History Facts, Vintage Photographs, World War Two, Old Photos

A Greek soldier kisses his daughter goodbye as he prepares to board the train that will take him to the front. Italian invasion of Greece through Albania, October 1940. By the beginning of 1941, Mussolini's troops were beating a hasty retreat.

Hellas Inhabitants Of The Shiny Stone — The Greek sentinel from Paul Joanovitch Titre. Greek History, Art History, Greek Independence, Fall Of Constantinople, Albanian Culture, Empire Ottoman, Greek Paintings, Greek Warrior, Arabic Art

Kλέφτης στην περιοχή της Ηπείρου. Ο πίνακας βρίσκεται στο Μουσείο Βρέλη.

Mahatma Gandhi- He was the pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world. Important People, Good People, Inspiring People, Amazing People, Normal People, Special People, Frases Mahatma Gandhi, Change The World, In This World

Biography of Mohandas Gandhi, Indian Independence Leader

Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement, changed his country and the world through his concept of peaceful resistance.

Προσωπογραφία Νικηταρά του Τουρκοφάγου, έργο του Karl Krazeisen. Greek Independence, Greece History, Great Warriors, Ancient Mysteries, Important People, Ottoman Empire, Military History, Historical Photos, Old Photos

Προσωπογραφία Νικηταρά του Τουρκοφάγου, έργο του Karl Krazeisen.

The oath of Lord Byron at the grave of Markos Botsaris. Greek Independence, Greece History, Decoupage Printables, Lord Byron, Art Articles, Italy Painting, Greek Art, Military History, Online Art Gallery

Λουντοβίκο Λιπαρίνι: “Ο όρκος του Βύρωνα” - Ludovico Lipparini: Byron.

Relive the most harrowing and heroic moments of WWII during a small group walking tour of Paris under the Nazi Occupation. Explore the former urban battlefields where the dramas of war played out. See the bullet holes and tank impacts that sti Victory Parade, Ww2 Pictures, Lost Art, German Army, Walking Tour, World War Two, Paris France, Wwii, French Resistance

5 Μάχες (από την Αρχαιότητα έως τους Νέους Χρόνους) που θα μπορούσαν να αλλάξουν την έκβαση πολέμων, αλλά η απρόσμενη εξέλιξή τους αποτελεί Ιστορικό Μυστήριο

5 Μάχες που θα μπορούσαν να αλλάξουν την έκβαση πολέμων, αλλά η απρόσμενη εξέλιξή τους αποτελεί Ιστορικό Μυστήριο 1. Αρχαία Ελλάδα:Τρίτος Μακεδονικός Πόλεμος-Αρχαιότητα Αντίπαλοι Ρωμαίοι-Μακεδόνες…