Katerina Tha

Katerina Tha

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Katerina Tha
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The absolute easiest way to create your own play table for your little builders! -- It is truly as simple as peel-and-stick! Give your kids the gift of an…

Peel-and-Stick LEGO® Compatible Baseplates - Fastest and Easiest DIY Play Table or Wall x - 2 Blue, 2 Green)

DIY lego light plate cover                                                                                                                                                                                 More

WARNING:This project involves an exposed light switch. Use extreme caution when doing this project around children.The other day I saw a Lego light switch cover.

... and paint it in any color you planned.

Your kids are really into LEGO? Here is a way to theme their shelves so they look like giant bricks! Warning: Don't show the results of this guide to your LEGO-addicted kids.