Catherine Papa.

Catherine Papa.

Catherine Papa.
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Getting a hourglass figure is hard, but not impossible. With the proper diet and workout routine you'll have it in just a few weeks.

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Michal Elia Kamal (Light in Babylon) /  Istanbul

Drumming is a powerful grounding exercise. The rhythm, the sounds, the act of drumming stimulates your Root chakra. It connects you with the Earth and your own body, making you feel at home in the here & now. drumming is fun!

Администраторы сообщества « Photography and Photoshop» в Facebook опубликовали фотографии, которые показывают «реальную сторону» создания рекламных снимков. В альбоме показано, как снять портрет на фоне пейзажа в студии, а аппетитную креветку — с помощью парового утюга.Непрофессиональные польз...

How do professional pictures. 21 Pictures - The original techniques of professional photographers to create photographs for advertising, as well as print and online editions.