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You Cray?

Matt and Shelby, an interracial couple, decide to move to North Carolina and get away from the big city for peace and quiet and to start a new life, until Shelby starts seeing strange things that haunt her day and night.

Only American Horor Story Fans Will Understand... Truly

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harry potter

Actually, Harry and Neville have two different birthdays. Neville was born on July 30 and Harry was born on July They both were born at the end of July. Which is why Neville could've been The Chosen One. But it's still a funny joke!

I'm the girl on fire Hello then HP/HG

The moment when you realise there's someone fire-connected in 5 big fandoms. Katniss-Girl on Fire; Seamus-Likes to blow thing up; Leo-Can control fire; Jace-The heavenly fire; Tris-Her faction's symbol is a freaking fire