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the words when you kiss me are written in red on a cloudy sky
Thinking about my babe...who's not really my get it?
a pink background with the words half heaven, half hell
two texts that say, where you from cutie and hell are in the same language
Pink, Text
the words delicate rage against a pink background
a pink background with the words i shouldn't be jeallous, you aren't even mine
i shouldn’t be jealous, you aren’t even mine
quote aesthetic pink
a pink background with the words if only you knew me
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a person is holding a pink rose in their left hand and the other one has black petals on it
two hands reaching towards each other in front of a pink background with white and black lines
a woman's eye with white flowers on the outside of her irises and branches
a vase filled with lots of feathers on top of a table
— zelda ♡