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someone holding a cup of chamomile tea in their hand
How To Harvest Chamomile & Chamomile Tea Recipe
a mason jar filled with chamomile for tea - harvest, dry and store
Discover the soothing practice of drying chamomile for tea, a perfect way to preserve the calming essence of this beloved herb. Learn how to harvest chamomile flowers at their peak, and how to dry and store the flowers for use throughout the year. Brewing a cup of chamomile tea from your own harvest offers not just a moment of tranquility, but also a sense of accomplishment for creating this wonderful herbal beverage from scratch.
some herbs are in a metal bowl on the ground and there is an advertisement for dried herbs
Make Your Own Dried Herbs — Simple Ecology
two glass jars filled with green powder next to each other
Dehydrating Garlic Scapes | Garlic Scape Powder
Dehydrating garlic scapes is an easy way to preserve this delicious, early summer vegetable. Make garlic scape powder too. So versatile.
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an ice tray filled with assorted pieces of food next to a sign that says easy basil butter freeze it for later
Basil Butter (Garlic Herb Butter) - Champagne Tastes™
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how to freeze fresh herbs in olive oil
How to Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil
How to Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil - Freezing fresh herbs in olive oil is the perfect way to preserve herbs!
how to make rosewater in a jar with pink flowers inside and on the outside
How to Make Rosewater
You can easily learn how to make rosewater at home. During May and June in the northeast, there are beautiful roses everywhere. If you are like me, you may wonder how you can preserve that wonderful smell for a longer period of time. Rosewater is the perfect way to do that.
lavender seeds with the words what is brid?
What is Dried Lavender Good For?
Dried lavender is good for making crafts such as sachets and wreaths. Lavender dried is also great for adding scent and flavor to tea and food. You can also soak lavender in sugar to create a simple lavender syrup. There is a variety of baked goods like cookies and breads lavender can be used in.
green plants with the words tips for pruning oregano
Oregano Plant Pruning
purple flowers with the words want more lavender? prune them this way
Want More Lavender? Prune them THIS Way!
Are you a big fan of using lavender in your house? This article will show you how to start growing lavender from seed. #thegardeningdad #lavender #herbs
how to dry dill in a jar with text overlay that says how to dry dill
How to Dry Dill- 2 Easy Methods for Making Dried Dill
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how to prune and harvest the herbs in your garden or yard with these easy tips
How To Prune, Harvest & Dry Herbs (Lavender, Basil, Rosemary)