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the german family's names are shown in red, yellow and black stripes on this page
Free Downloads –German Word Lists
a diagram showing the number and percentage of people who are in each group, from least to most
pp: Genealogy Consanguinity & DNA — Genealogy DNA Kinship ~ Genealogy Consanguinity This is a beautiful data visualization tool of “relatedness” (Consanguinity) between yourself and an ancestor/descendant. Stanczyk loves good STEM. Mr. Tierney modified his excellent chart to add, “What percentage of DNA do you share with your family members”. genealogy familyhistory
a man holding his hand to his mouth with the words, what does removed mean in gene
What cousin are they? -How to understand family relationships - Root To Branches
an image of a table with words and numbers on it, including the names of people in
Cousins - Tribe of Omer and Carletta Snodgrass Family Reunion
a test tube filled with blue liquid and the words how to understand your dna test results
Understanding and Applying Your DNA Test Results
a map with red and blue areas in the middle of europe, including two major cities
So you think your ancestor was Prussian…
there are many framed pictures on the wall with old treasuress written above them in black frames
a man standing in front of a wall with the words leads and clusters on it
Create a DNA Leeds Method Chart Quickly to Cluster Your DNA Matches
a spreadsheet showing the number and type of items used in each project, including numbers
Color Clustering: Top 25 Fourth Cousins - Dana Leeds
an aerial view of a city with the words, all about icelandic names
Icelandic Names | Full Guide | Arctic Adventures
a poster with different types of people and their names on it, including the words couisins chart
Who is my third cousin once removed? Cousins' chart.
a man sitting on the ground with his guitar in front of him and text overlay that reads top 15 polish greetings
A Quick Guide on Polish Greetings - Top 15 Phrases